"You can see dancing pixels…"

“Good working condition.”

Oh, that’s odd. Makes a change though, I suppose.

“Around 5-6 years old (original cost £2200)”

And now up for sale with a Buy It Now price of £250.
Why would you want to do that if it’s in good working condition?


Should have known.

“The Ariel socket got damaged in transit so that isn’t functional. (Scart/HDMI/Component/VGA Only) again – NO ariel.”

Hence the almost two grand drop in price.
Aerial sockets are obviously very expensive components.

“Its for sale as I’m literally one foot away from TV (since moving home)”

What an odd reason to sell. Have you considered maybe stepping further away from it, if that’s a problem?
Or do you just sell anything that’s within arms’ reach?

“You can see dancing pixels…”

I’ll admit, I’ve not been following Strictly Come Dancing.
Is Brucie computer generated now?

“but I think that is because I’m so close..”

Or you’ve been sniffing glue?

“when I was in Wales…10 feet away watching sky hd, picture was stunning.”

Do I need to create a new category?
“Worked fine in Wales”
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