"loose smashed pieces included"

“BTC Drop Zero Pendant Ceiling Light DAMAGED NR”

I think someone took the “Drop” part of the title a little too literally, didn’t they?

“The ceiling rose is completely smashed and in pieces and the pendant shade has a large hole in it.”

Oh well, I suppose if you’re handy with the superglue it’s an option, isn’t it?
Might give it an interesting crackled effect.

“Please note that although there are loose smashed pieces included we cannot guarantee that there are not missing pieces.”

Okay, crackled and full of holes, then.

“Please note NO other parts or accessories are included.”

Not even anything to fill in the holes?

“Please see photos for details of everything that is included. A stock image has been used to show the item in its entirety.”

Which is the stock image? They all look broken…

“Original RRP – £130”

New price – 99p + £5 p&p
You may think that delivery cost is a bit excessive, given the price of the product, but that probably includes a lot of careful packaging to ensure it doesn’t get brok…oh.
Oh yeah. I forgot.

“Created in-house by designer Peter Bowles, BTC lights blend materials from bone china and satin chromes to natural cotton and aluminium. The relaxed, “unprocessed” style will sit comfortably in most settings.”

And this new “processed style” will sit quite comfortably in your local tip.
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  • Feral Techie
    September 23, 2011 - 1:27 pm | Permalink

    All down to how much you value your time, innit?
    Dropping it in the bin: 30 seconds, free
    eBaying it: 10-20 minutes to photograph, list, pack and post, might get a few quid for it.

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