"Lot of PC Spares PC100, DDR2 RAM, PCI Graphics card etc"

“They are all untested, and should be assumed faulty, as they were pulled from non-functioning PCs.
The lot comprises of:

  • compaq socket 478 motherboard micro-at with heatsink and fan, NO CPU. Has AGP graphics slot and comes with backplate. Looks very good cosmetically but untested
  • 512mb pc133 ram stick untested, worth a lot if it works!
  • infineon ddr ram stick, untested
  • infineon 256mb pc 133mhz ram, untested
  • 128mb pc100 ram untested
  • 1gb ddr2-533 ram untested
  • msi N1996 socket 775 motherboard, PCI-express etc, untested, ports at the back seem rusty
  • 2 pci lan cards, one missing bracket, untested but suspected working
  • sapphire ati radeon 7000 pci 64mb gpu, looks in good condition but untested
  • PCI Express Nvidia 7300 256mb graphics card, rusty bracket, untested”

Well, that’s pretty much all you’d need to build your own non-working pc, isn’t it?
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  • Feral Techie
    February 25, 2011 - 1:31 pm | Permalink

    512M PC133, that’s actually new with a guarantee and stuff, is going on Dabs for between 12 and 61 quid right now. Second-hand, no brand name… I’d be surprised if you could clear a fiver on that RAM even if it’s working. I’m not sure I’d really call that “worth a lot” on an auction that’s already at nearly 20 quid with the postage.

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