"Apple Mac PowerBook G4 laptop FAULTY"

Many thanks to reader Steffan Harries for finding this one for us!

“I saved this baby Mac from being thrown away!”
(Says the seller, not Steffan)

Not much of a rescue, I’d suspect, more of a short reprieve.
You have to admit it’s an interesting opening gambit, to get people to part money with something you’ve immediately told them is rubbish.

“Don’t have power adapter so unable to test although a colleague believes it has a faulty logic board and therefore for parts salvage only.”

No power adaptor? What a surprise.
How did they know the logic board was faulty? I assume because it advised them not to chuck the laptop away?

“As you can see from the photographs, it’s missing keyboard, battery, screws and RAM cover. I have no idea whether there’s a hard drive inside, there may not be.”

Who knows what mystical artifacts could be hidden inside, eh? A mixture of dust and disappointment, I’d wager.

“There’s a 512Mb DDR1 module in the bottom RAM slot”

Woo! Result! They’re difficult to get hold of and well worth £15 shipping, safely wrapped in a broken laptop…
Well, I say ‘safely’, if the cover’s missing, maybe ‘partly wrapped’ would be more accurate.

“The screen looks in good condition.”

Well, yes. While it’s off, with possibly no components connected to it anymore, it looks like a blank screen.
Who knows what it looks like when you put an electrical current through it to try and get a display though…
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