Possibly an ideal gift to keep ocd-kids occupied trying to untangle them all?
Probably a good way to help build up your kids’ immune systems too, providing you don’t just dip them all in a bucket of Dettol first.
(the mice, that is, not the kids)

“these came in with alot of amiga items but none work on the amiga”

Sounds like someone was trying to offload some of their tat…Wonder how big the box of ‘Amiga items’ was and how many pieces of Amiga kit were actually in it once they’d removed over 20 PC mice?

“so sold as a clearance item will add more mice as i find them so there will be well over 20”

Well, I suppose it’s an ideal opportunity to get shot of some more yourself, isn’t it?
Just use it as a rubbish bin and then, when full, simply tape it up and slap an address label on it.

“due to weight will send courier”

I wonder if couriers ever get depressed at having to ferry boxes of people’s rubbish up and down the country all the time?
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