"w580i spares or repair"

“hear we have a w580i mobile phone for spares or repair it is missing the on and off button and the housing has half missing “

Glass-half-empty kinda person are we? Look on the bright side, the housing’s half-still-there as well…

And if you include the front of the phone, it’s more like only a quarter missing.

“and the space button works when it wants to”

Do you have to press it to get it to work or does “when it wants to” also include times when you don’t want it to?
This is how the machines take over, isn’t it?
It starts with space buttons only working when they want to and ends with Skynet launching a nuclear strike in retaliation for all the abused mobile phones.
Temperamental ‘space buttons’ or big red nuclear launch buttons. They’re all just buttons in the end.

“screen in good order no charger”

If this was a popular site I’d fully expect other similar sites to start springing up with titles like “Charger not included”.
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