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"Volkswagen VW Caddy Pickup 1985 – Project"

Nice subliminal message in that numberplate, very clever...
Don’t forget, if you’re unsure how best to try and sell something, it’s always worth labelling it as a potential “project
That way you can attract nutjobs like “Glenn

“hi mate, the caddy just wot i am lookin for something to do as iv just bin done for drink driving and im now selling my mk3 astra gsi coz it be to much to put back on the road when i can drive agen!! so i wont the caddy to mod and make it look nice!! wot sort off money are you looking for to take it off ebay and to pick upat the weekend thanks glenn”

So remember folks, if it’s not worth much but you think it’s got to be worth more than the ‘spares or repair’ approach, try listing it as a “Project“!
You may very well get interest from banned, former mk3 astra gsi owning, drunk drivers like Glenn.
And that’s got to be a good thing, yes?
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"apple iphone 8gb 3gs…dose not power up"

Nice hold...

“screen ok
lcd fine
battrey fine”

Well that sounds like a good start.

“makes niose when charger pluged in”

Now, is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Are we talking a “Bleep! I’m charging!” sort of ‘niose’ or a “Bzzzzzt! Crackle! I’m going to burn your house down!” sort of ‘niose’?

“dont no whats wrong with it”
just needs to go”

Yes, it does.
In the bin.
As you well know.
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"dinky uss enterprise"

“for spares/ repair”

Unstated but assumed: Self-destruct mechanism has been previously activated.
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“used 5 times couple months old ..”

Only used 5 times and a couple (of) months old? Surely it’d still be under warranty if there’s a fault with it?

“seats 4 people we add 5 in it ..”

Either you mean you had 5 people in it, or you add 5 on top of the original 4, giving 9 in total.
Either way, I guess you must’ve voided the warranty by doing this, hence why you’re selling?

“as foil zip lid and inflatable lid to keep water hotter for longer.”

So, could double as an industrial-sized slow-cooker?

“as a broken pipe which cracked as been fixed … set it up today and pluged it in and it is not warming up staying on 13°c on control panel … “

Oh, maybe not then. Unless anyone’s got any Crock-pot recipes requiring cold water?

“as you can see in picture bubble jets working …just not warming up was working before i took it of the decking … cant be much wrong with it .”

No, you’re probably right and I can’t see anything wrong with wanting to sit in a large quantity of water held in something that’s plugged into the mains and has an unknown fault…

” we like it so much we are going to get a propper one .”

Good advice.

this does the job if you cant afford a top of the range one…”

You mean like a hot tub that heats up? There’s fancy.
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Stock iPod image because user can't be arsed to take a photo of the actual one they're selling

“being sold for spares because the LCD not digitizer is broken.”

The LCD’s fine but the digitizer’s broken? How on earth did that happen?

“My friend tried to replace digitzer and made mess of it, comes with no accessories.”


“Cheap easy fix apparently”

Unless your ‘friend’ is involved, eh?
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"i nam selling those four phones as faulty or spare"

Words fail me on this one, so I’ll just I’ll just let the seller take it from here:

“i nam selling those four phones as faulty or spare
some of the might works if u change the battery
but i have no time for that so please bare in mind i am seeling them as sapre or repair.
the phones are
1-sony ericsson t630 comes with battery in side it.
2-nokia 2610 battery cover is missing
3-motorola e550 battery cover is missing
4-nokia 3410
please note non of those phones comes with charger
its handset only.
many thanks”

Watch out for the return policy though, could cost you even more if you buy them (for whatever mad reason) but then come to your senses and try to return them for a refund:

Return policy
a charge of 15 dollars will be deducted from the total amount paid as a handling fee.

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