"16 DVD'S"

17, actually
Fed up with being laughed at by your WKD drinking ‘mates’ down the pub for only having Chocolat and The Princess Bride on VHS?
Then don’t miss this! Here’s the ideal chance to start a perfect “real man’s” film collection:

  • SNATCH – Classic.
  • LOCK STOCK & TWO SMOKING BARRELS – Slightly earlier classic.
  • GREEN STREET – Yeah, it’s got that Frodo bloke, but he’s well hard in this.
  • CRANK – Well F@*#in’ funny.
  • JARHEAD – Real serious war film, and the birds all love that bloke in it so double win on that one, right?
  • STEP UP 2 THE STREETS – How did this one get in here?
  • HANDCOCK – NOT, I repeat, NOT the Will Smith Superhero movie, this is the Ron Jeremy version.
  • TRAININGDAY – Classic.
  • WAR OF THE WORLDS 2 DISK SPECIAL EDITION – Much better than the one with all the music set in the olden days.
  • THE BOURNE ULTIMATUN – “Matt Damonnnn. Matt Damonnnn.”
  • INSIDE MAN – Obligatory Spike Lee film you can own to prove you aint racist, innit?
  • FLOOD – Not the Amiga game (puckawk!) , the ITV drama starring Poirot and Begby. And Val Kilmer’s ex, who had that affair with the Elephant man. Well classy.
  • FOUR BROTHERS – Mark ‘Italian Job‘ Wahlberg and Tyrese “2 Fast 2 Furious” Gibson – Togevva at last!
  • THE KINGDOM – Just like the news, but better.
  • THIRTEEN – Nikki is well hot and she’s legal now – I AIN’T NO PEDO!!!
  • POLICE ACADEMY – Classic. I like Tackleberry best.
  • Note, Alvin & the Chipmunks pictured but not included as I’ve not managed to finish that one yet.
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    If Alvin and the Chipmunks is a “Real Man’s” movie, then I officially now need to hand my penis in!

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