"damage to the Near Side Front Door, it would appear that this happened at manufacturing production as it is a painting error, resulting in smudge type mark."

Brrrrrm Brrrrm! Screeech! Thunk. Tinkle.
Pop quiz, hotshots:
Someone offers for a sale a model Skoda with a dodgy paint job for almost £10 – What do you do?
a) Think “Sounds about right” and snigger to yourself.
b) Exclaim “Sod off! You could get a real one for about that price!”
Whichever you choose, however, you are no-doubt forgetting that:

“Skoda is now a Subsidery of the Volkswagen Group”

Although, this one is:

“Manufactured in China by “Hongwell Toys Ltd” for Abrex s.r.o. Czech”

So I’m not entirely sure how relevant that first quote is and thus how reliable this car may be in the long run.
Might as well quote the mpg of the real thing or what kind of manufacturer’s parts & labour warranty it comes with.
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